Fall Fixes; Upgrading Your Home for the Season

It’s Fall! With the milder temperatures, it’s an ideal time be outdoors and since many of us are spending more time at home, that often means checking a few home improvement projects off the list.  For some a landscaping upgrade or garden refresh may be on the agenda but for those looking to increase a home’s energy efficiency or improve its curb appeal, knowing where to start isn’t always easy.  Thankfully, our team of experts shared their suggestions for your Fall fixes.

Window Replacement

This isn’t one you should tackle alone but Fall is one of the best times of year to consider replacing your windows. You and your consultant will easily be able to view the exterior of your home and there are fewer inclement weather delays on a project.  Fall temperatures are also ideal for window installation – the caulk that seals your windows adheres best in cooler temperatures.

Replacing windows now also gives you a boost just in time for winter.  Eliminating drafts, making your energy dollar work harder and keeping your home more comfortable for the holidays are just a few reasons to consider getting started on your project.  Our team can review all the energy efficient options available.   

Furnace Upgrades

No wants to worry about a furnace going out during that first real cold snap so now’s the time to contact an HVAC professional to inspect your home.  Whether you simply need regular service or might want to consider an upgrade to a more efficient system, you’ll know that your system will be ready when the cold comes calling. 

Door Replacement

By some estimates, nearly one-third of residential heating and cooling costs are caused by energy loss through windows and doors. While you’re considering a window upgrade, look at your doors as well to really increase energy efficiency.  Whether you’re interested in fiberglass, steel or even something designed to fit a historic home our team can help you boost curb appeal, improve security and save money on energy costs.   

This is also something to consider if you want to upgrade your door technology.  There are plenty of push pad locks and those that operate on a smart phone.  If you’re upgrading tech, go ahead and upgrade your door as well.  Do it all at one time for a completely new look and ease of use. Whatever your plans, make sure to consult a team of experts. If new windows and doors are on your list, let us help you design a package that will serve your family for years to come.